How to organise a group ski holiday

Having chatted through the process of booking a ski holiday a zillion times over the last 14 years, we know that booking a group holiday is never at the top of your ‘favourite things to do in my spare time’ list. It’s difficult enough just to get organised with a date!
At Ski Dazzle, our chalets are well set up for larger groups and with our experience and knowledge of La Tania and the Three Valleys we can make it really easy for you to get through your jobs list with a minimum of stress.


We offer a discount per person when you book sole occupancy of one of our chalets (all 14 places in Chalet Jamais Bleu or Chalet Juliette and all 12 places in Chalet Dahu). Get in touch for more information.


1) You’re in charge.
This is a good thing – everyone else is relieved it’s not them, which means they’re usually quite happy for you to make decisions! Boss them around and be clear about what you want and when. Don’t take any nonsense, and as a last resort threaten to hand over the role to them!
2) What’s the most important thing for the holiday to be a success?
Is it location? Is it a hot tub? Is it easy access to ski school? Identity these one or two important points and focus your research around them. At Ski Dazzle our chalets are all ski-in, ski-out and with hot tubs.
3) Lists (gotta have a list…)

Here’s a list of what you should have on your list! Collate all the answers in a table or spreadsheet, however you prefer to work.

a) Who are you travelling with? Names of definites and maybes.
b) Sleeping arrangements
c) Flights & transfers – Preferences of airport, dates, times*
d) Ski School – names, level
e) Ski Hire – boots/skis or snowboard/helmets
f) Dietary requirements – any veggies/intolerances? (The more we know, the better we cater!)
g) Lift pass requirements – how many days, which pass, families**
h) Other requests
i) Children – highchairs, meal times, childcare required?

* Flights & Transfers – at Ski Dazzle we offer transfers, just let us know your flight details and we’ll work out the rest and provide a quote.
** Ski Passes – this is a little complicated but luckily at Ski Dazzle we’re experts! Ask away once you have as much information as you can extract from your group.

4) Money
Collect deposits from everyone (just in case anyone drops out) and ideally pay them in one lump sum once you have received everyone’s payment.
Make sure this is all written down carefully and that you have a note of what the remaining balance is, how it is split between families/couples and when the balance is due then (ideally) make one payment from your account.
If you’re all spending the majority of your time together, then a good way to ensure no-one gets caught in huge rounds is to have a kitty – everyone puts in the same amount at the beginning and the leader is in charge of paying the tab with it!

5) Just ask
The most important thing to remember when booking a group holiday is to ask questions. The more information you have, the easier it will be. And don’t forget that at Ski Dazzle we have been organising group bookings for years and years, so we’re well-equipped with expert knowledge about the resort, lift passes, and most importantly, the chalets. We have answers to all your questions and are available to help make your life easier, it’s all part of our service.

Good luck!

Have you got a question about booking a group ski holiday? Get in touch to ask.
NB: Please note that you must fill the chalet at the time of original booking. Later additions will not count towards a group discount. One deposit and final balance payment must be received from the group. If the group reduces in size, the discount may be reduced or removed.