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Skiing La Tania for beginners

If you’re a total or near beginner then La Tania is a friendly and easy place to start making your very first turns on skis or a snowboard.
At Ski Dazzle we can heartily recommend that beginner ski or snowboard lessons are the best way to progress and get your technique correct from the beginning. We can put you in touch with one of the ski schools listed here.


Hire a helmet. We use Ski Higher for our guests and strongly recommend that you hire a helmet with your ski or snowboard equipment. Protect your head! (You’ve only got one!)
Ski Passes. You won’t need a ski pass on your first day as the La Tania nursery slope is free to use. Your ski school will let you know when they think you’re ready to use the main lifts so let us know and we’ll organise your ski pass for you.
Energy Levels. It’s pretty tiring, learning to ski! So it’s really important to keep energy levels up with a snack and a drink every so often. A perfect excuse to head for a hot chocolate (and you can stock up on snacks in the Sherpa supermarket in La Tania.
We’ve all been there. Those people you see whizzing around so effortlessly? They’ve all done exactly what you’re doing now. Try your hardest, don’t give up, and you’ll soon be one of them!


Your instructor will probably have you walk a few steps up the slopes then put on your skis/snowboard and gently snowplough or slide your way down a very gentle slope. Once you’ve got the hang of this then you’ll want to go a bit higher. It’s time to hit the Nursery Slope!


There’s a drag lift which takes you to the top of the nursery slope. Which sounds daunting and indeed IS daunting to a beginner! However, everyone has fallen off a drag lift in their time, so don’t be nervous or embarrassed. Laugh it off, and try again!
Once you finally make it to the top(!), take a deep breath and carefully follow your instructor’s advice. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. (Then have a snack!)
The feeling of really starting to ski or snowboard is just brilliant and so encouraging! Keep practising and you’ll just get better and better.


Clanky, noisy and it doesn’t stop! The gondola is a bit of a strange experience for the first time, but watch those in front of you and remember that your instructor is there to help. Sit back and enjoy the ride to the top, and once you’re there, don’t forget to take a moment to enjoy the stunning scenery! The green run back into La Tania is quite a long one so take it steady and have lots of rests (and drinks) if you need to.

The most important thing is to relax and enjoy the experience. It’s not always easy to learn something new but skiing is definitely something worth the effort! You’ll fall over, probably a lot of times, and you’ll get very hot! But if you keep a smile on your face then you’ll find yourself getting better and better with each turn.