Brexit and French Employment Laws

We still have no information about whether we will be able to employ UK staff after Brexit, but we do know that we have to comply with French laws whether we are in or out of the EU.

Since last winter season, our wage costs have increased by more that 60% (due to the French minimum wage).

Staff are also entitled to more time off, which means they will be having two days off a week next season.

You may have seen that some of the larger tour operators now offering catering for just five nights, but as meals out are costly, we will continue to offer dinner on six nights, but one evening there will be no staff on duty. On this night, we will be doing a raclette evening, which is one of the local specialities.

We will leave all the food in the fridge ready prepared for you, so when you are ready, all you need to do is turn on the machines, take out the food, and open some bottles of wine, and you will be all set for a delicious Savoyarde evening in the chalet, Bon Appetit!

There will also be two self service breakfasts. On both of these mornings pain au chocolat and croissants from the boulangerie will be delivered to the chalet, and there will be eggs left to boil, plus a platter of cheese of ham as well as cereals, fruit and yoghurts.

Baked goods for our la tania ski chalets

These changes we hope will cause very little disruption to the enjoyment of your holiday, and we appreciate your understanding during these uncertain times.  We sincerely hope that there will be come agreement reached on employing UK staff after Brexit, and we’re hoping like everyone that some decisions are made soon!