5 Tips for Group Ski Holidays

Organising group ski holidays can be challenging. Not only do you have loads of different needs, such as different skiing abilities, but you also have loads of opinions. Don’t worry. These five tips will help make the planning process a bit easier, so that you can enjoy your next group ski trip – hassle free!

1. Split out the organising duties

The organising of a group ski holiday can be difficult. So if you are starting to feel like you have too much on your plate, dish out some duties! Split up the responsibility amongst different members of the group. Have someone sort out the transfers. Have someone else book the ski hire. And hand off the ski lesson organising.

This way, no one person has all the pressure on themselves. Also, the more opinions and ideas that are brought into the mix = a better ski holiday for everyone.

2. Pick a resort for all levels of skier

Choosing the ski resort is the first step in organising your ski holiday, so choose one that works for everyone in the group. Some resorts are full of advanced terrain, and others might not have enough for those looking to go off-piste. Your best bet is to choose a resort with a mix of terrain and piste levels.

La Tania is a great option because it has such great access to both Courchevel and Meribel ski areas. La Tania itself doesn’t have loads of beginner runs – although the green piste is getting a facelift this year – you still have so many options in nearby resorts.

Skiing in La Tania France

3. Decide what you want to spend

Skiing can be an expensive holiday. Or it can be relatively reasonable, depending on where you go and how you spend it. It can be a touchy subject with a group if not everyone is keen to spend on the same things. Agree if you want to be eating out or not. Or agree to disagree. Just make sure it’s addressed beforehand so that no one ends up feeling pressured to spend more money than they planned.

La Tania is a really affordable option for accommodation. And being part of the Three Valleys, you won’t sacrifice amazing skiing or delicious food and drink options. We have both catered and self-catered chalets in La Tania, the perfect base for your next ski holiday. Choose the style that fits your group’s needs.

4. Sort out lessons beforehand

Normally there are advanced skiers in the group, as well as some lesser experienced skiers and maybe some first-timers. The best part about going in a big group, is that everyone enjoys themselves on the slopes, and that doesn’t necessarily mean skiing altogether.

It’s also most important for beginners to get proper instruction. Although it might sound like a good idea for your friend who’s been skiing for 10 years to teach you. In reality, ski instructors are trained for a reason – it is a skill. It usually ends poorly, and most importantly that experience friend isn’t going to be fully enjoying their time on the slopes, and that isn’t fair.

Get your lessons sorted ahead of time so that’s one less thing you need to faff with when you arrive in resort. And so that you know everyone in your group will have a good experience on the snow.

group ski holiday

5. Plan a fun day out

Fancy dress outfits on the slopes all day long? Dancing the afternoon away at the Folie Douce? Or an après-ing to some live music at the Ski Lodge? Plan one big day out in the week for everyone to let loose. The best part about having a big group making memories and sharing experiences together.

Hopefully organising your next group ski holiday will be a bit smoother with these tips. And if you have more questions about skiing and staying in La Tania, check out our blog. 

Where to Eat in La Tania – Restaurant Guide

Want to know where to eat in La Tania? You’ve come to the right place. Although La Tania isn’t large, there are still a number of dining options to choose from. Whether it be to grab a bite for lunch or try some local fayre for an evening out. Here is a guide to all of the restaurants in La Tania.

Ski Lodge

You’ve likely heard of the Ski Lodge. Although it’s famous for live music après and late night parties, it’s also one of the most popular restaurants in town. It’s always a bustling, casual atmosphere which is also kid friendly. The menu has a variety of burger options, pastas as well as meat and fish dishes. Pop in for a plate of chips, or even snag a full English breakfast on weekends.

Type of Food: Burgers, pasta, meat dishes, kids menu

Price Range: Mains from €15

La Taiga

La Taiga is situated across from the bus stop, out of the main pedestrian area of La Tania. Also both a bar and restaurant, the restaurant is situated upstairs above the bar/lounge area. They offer a variety of both French & savoyard favourites, as well as fish and meat dishes. They even have a few vegan options on the menu, which can be hard to come by in France! Along with that, a child’s menu. And after you’ve eaten, you can just head downstairs and continue the evening with a cocktail and some live music.

Type of Food: Savoyard dishes, fish and meats, vegan, kids menu

Price Range: €19-32 for mains

where to eat in la tania

Chrome Bar

A lunch option only (they don’t serve food in the evening), Chrome Bar is famous for its burgers. They’re known to be on the rare side so beware if that’s not your taste! However, they’re really tasty and a great option when you want a quick pit-stop for lunch. Eat inside or on a sunny day enjoy the terrace and watch people as they ski down Folyeres.

Type of Food: Burgers, hot dogs, fish sandwich, chips

Price Range: €12 for a burger, fries & drink

La Ferme

If you’re after traditional Savoyard food, La Ferme is the place to go. They have fondue, raclette, and tartiflette, so you can get your cheesy fill for the week. They also have a variety of local starter dishes such as terrines, escargot and fois gras. And if you aren’t in the mood for cheese, they have a number of meat dishes as well.

Type of Food: Savoyard & local specialities, meat dishes, galettes

Price Range: €17-28 for mains


Snowfood offers simple food and is a great option for lunch, a quick snack or takeaway pizza. Order at the window and sit outside at their tables. Perfect for kid-friendly food (they have chicken nuggets!) or just something casual.

Type of Food: Paninis, pizzas, chips, salad, soup

Price Range: €6-15 for main dishes, €12 for panini menu with snack & drink

Le Farçon

La Tania is also home to its own Michelin star restaurant – Le Farçon. Perfect if you’re looking for a fine dining evening. Expect amuse bouches, creative dishes, and tasty flavours. The interior of the restaurant is also beautiful, and the service is first class.

If you’d like to give it a go, but don’t want to splurge on an evening out, the set lunch menu offers good value for money. €42 for 3 courses + amuse bouches. Plus you get to sit outside on their terrace in the sun.

Type of Food: French gourmet

Price Range: Lunch set menu €42-130, Dinner set menu €68-130

le farcon la tania restaurants

Already booked your ski trip to La Tania and are looking for more info on resort? Here are 10 activities in Courchevel to keep the whole family busy. Or if you’ve yet to book your trip – check out our La Tania chalets. We’ve got catered and self-catered options right in the heart of La Tania.