5 of the Best Ski Websites – Courchevel Edition

We know how important it is to find useful and reliable information about La Tania – or any ski resort – before your holiday. The internet can be such a helpful place with loads of ski sites out there, but it can also feel like a black hole when you don’t know where to look. Especially if it’s a place you’ve never been to before. And from our experience, the official Courchevel website often lacks the finer details you need.

After years of scouring the internet ourselves, we’ve found our go-to ski websites. Here’s our list of the top 5  we recommend to help you in your holiday planning. A few are Courchevel-specific, and a few cover loads of resorts across the Alps.

1. La Tania.co.uk

lantania.co.uk is packed with loads of useful information about La Tania and Courchevel. So try not to get too distracted by all the ads and focus on the content, and you’ll find this site to be really helpful.

They provide the latest updates for the resort including resort opening and closing dates, events, and what changes the resort is  making over the summer for the coming year. It will likely be the only place you can find an up-to-date La Tania bus timetable online as well – bookmark it! Really it’s the ultimate guide to all things La Tania, so if you have a good dig around, you can find what you’re after.

2. See Courchevel

Formerly known as Courchnet, this is another great resource. It’s a great hub of information for Courchevel. You’ll find exhaustive lists of activities, restaurants, child care, ski schools, ski rental and more. Sometimes it can be hard to navigate and feel like you’re lost in a sea of information, but stick to using the menu and you should be able to find exactly what you’re after.

It’s also a great place to find lift pass prices.

ski blog

3. Planet Ski

Planet Ski has been around now for over 10 years, and is really the place to go for ski industry news. Headed up by a former BBC journalist, the site is updated regularly throughout the year and they write about everything from weather reports to gear reviews, ski holiday deals and the latest ski news. Currently you can find a lot of COVID-19 and the ski industry info here (in case you haven’t had enough of it!).

Basically if you want to keep up to date on everything within the European ski industry, this is the place to head.

4. In the Snow

Both a magazine and an online publication, In the Snow goes beyond just European ski resorts with info on US & Canadian resorts as well.

This is a great site to find quality ski videos – from gear reviews, to interviews and ski tips. If you like video content, this is the place to go. One of their newer series is White Out which is a TV-like segment of all things ski industry, right on their YouTube channel.

ski blog

5. WeLove2ski

Beyond Courchevel and the Three Valleys, WeLove2ski offers loads of information for a variety of resorts around the Alps. It also offers gear reviews, video tips and family skiing advice.

One reason why we love this site is because it offers a lot of practical tips in terms of improving your skiing. They’ve got a whole section on how to ski which covers your first time on skis to how you be confident in powder – and everything in between. So if you’re after helpful ski tips, this is a great place to go.

BONUS: Ski-Dazzle

Okay, exceptionally biased with this one! However we’ve been keeping our blog up-to-date regularly throughout the last year with all things La Tania and Courchevel, as well as lots of holiday planning tips for families and first-timers. Have a browse through some of our favourites:

Destination Guide: The Three Valleys

The Three Valleys is made up of three major ski resorts (hence the name!): Courchevel, Meribel and Val Thorens. However within that, there are other smaller resorts within the larger resorts. For example La Tania is part of the Courchevel Valley.  Here’s our destination guide of what the Three Valleys resorts have to offer.

Courchevel & La Tania

Courchevel includes the villages La Tania, Le Praz, Courchevel Village (1550), Courchevel Moriond (1650) and Courchevel 1850. And there is loads to love about Courchevel.

High quality skiing – It’s hard to describe how well taken care of the pistes are in Courchevel. Queues for lifts are rare, everything is interlinked really well, the grooming is immaculate and the resort is constantly getting new upgrades. If you’ve skied in Courchevel before this may be something that you take for granted, but the lift company really puts in a lot of work to make it easily accessible for everyone and a pleasant skiing experience.

Variety of price point options – One of the best things about Courchevel is that the whole valley caters to all types of budgets. Courchevel 1850 is definitely the most expensive and you will struggle to find budget accommodation, however all of the other villages including La Tania have relatively cheaper options. This also goes for food as well. You can opt for easy takeaway pizza or dine at a Michelin star restaurant, and everything in between.

Variety of Pistes – Although many resorts tout themselves as having something for every level of skier, Courchevel and La Tania however truly do. There are a good variety of pistes with numerous accessible beginners areas, loads of wide open pistes for intermediates, and big adventures for powder hounds. So if not everyone in your party is at the same level, you won’t have to worry.

Head to See Courchevel to find out more about the resort or check out our La Tania resort guide for more info about La Tania.

la tania


Meribel is made up of Meribel Centre, Meribel Village and Meribel Mottaret. It’s a famous resort amongst many British holiday-makers.

Central location within the 3 Valleys – Meribel is known as the heart of the Three Valleys because it’s situated in between Courchevel and Val Thorens. This makes it easy to get around. Spend a few days exploring Courchevel, another few in Val Thorens and really make use of a 3V lift pass.

A great après and party scene – If this is something you’re after on your ski holiday, Meribel has some of the best après in the Three Valleys. The infamous Folie Douce is situated here (although easily accessible from Courchevel). The Rond Point plays music piste-side nearly every day and you can keep the party going into the wee hours a Sully’s. Other great spots include Jacks Bar, The Brewer’s Den, The Tav & Scott’s Pub.

Charming Chalet Village – You won’t see any high-rises or many big block apartments in Meribel. The resort has managed to keep its aesthetic charming and traditional even as it has grown. There are local regulations ensuring all new buildings use local materials and keep within a similar chalet style.

See Meribel has more info about the resort.

three valleys

Val Thorens

Val Thorens has 150km of pistes and includes the villages of St Martin de Belleville and Les Menuires. It also includes what is considered the fourth valley, Orelle. This is off to the far righthand side of the resort.

High Altitude – One of the best perks about Val Thorens is its high altitude. Situated at 2300m it’s the highest resort in the French Alps. And with that comes two things. Firstly, snow. It’s considered a snow-sure resort because it is situated so high, it often doesn’t struggle with snow the way some lower resorts do. But also, it means a longer season. So if you’re looking for an early Dec getaway or want to come out into early May – you can do that in Val Thorens.

Budget-friendly – Val Thorens is an affordable resort, which is why it tends to draw in loads of uni groups and a younger crowd. However, quieter villages further down the mountain have more authentic French alps charm if that is something you’re after.

Festivals and events galore – Of the whole Three Valleys, Val Thorens is host to the most events and festivals. Elctro festival Festi Val Tho runs during the end of March, a bike race Trois Vallees Addict Tour is here and the resort is also often host to the Tour de France.

Check out See Val Thorens website for everything you want to know about the valley.

But we love La Tania the most

We might be biased, but we love La Tania. It gives you all that Courchevel has to offer and it’s just 2 lifts away from accessing Meribel. Along with that it offers you great access to the entire 3V scene at a more reasonable price than the centre villages.

Think a Three Valleys ski holiday might be on the cards for you? Check out our ski chalets in La Tania or get in touch for more info.

Courchevel Piste Map – Best runs in resort

Find the most up-to date Courchevel Piste Map for 2020 below. You can also download it here and save to your phone.

Courchevel Piste Map 2020

We also recommend you download the 3 Valleys App, this will show you which lifts are open on any given day when you’re in resort. It also gives a 3-day forecast, updates on piste grooming and webcam access. Perfect for when you’re in resort on your holiday.

Now that you’ve got your piste map on hand, you might need some recommendations of where to ski. We’ve rounded up our favourite spots to ski in Courchevel for all levels.

Best pistes for beginners – green runs

Aside from the number of magic carpet beginner areas around resort, there are plenty of green runs for once you’ve graduated from those. Here are some nice, gentle green runs in Courchevel that are a great next step.

  • Loze Est – From the top of Coqs chairlift (also accessible by taking Dou Des Lanches) this nice green winds its way down to Courchevel 1850, and gets the morning sun.
  • Plan Fontaine – Although pretty long and windy, this green run from the top of La Tania back down into resort is perfect for giving your ski legs a challenge.
  • Verdons – Situated right in the centre of 1850, this run (aptly) runs from the top of Verdons bubble down to the Croisette. It’s wide and slightly rolling – perfect for practicing your turns.


group ski holiday

Best pistes for intermediates – blue runs

As with all grades of piste, there is a range within each colour. Some blues are more difficult than others, but here are some of our favourites.

  • Folyeres – On our home turf in La Tania, everyone loves Folyeres. Although at parts it seems like more of a red than a blue, it’s undulating and a nice long run right back down into resort. You’ll likely take this one daily!
  • Creux – From the very top of the Saulire – where you can catch some stunning views & a few snapshots – runs the long blue run Creux. It tends to get bumpy later in the day, so we recommend hitting this one early. You can ski down to the mid-station of Marmottes chair, or all the way down to Aiguille de Fruit for a nice, long run.
  • Cospillot – A lesser-known run, tucked away at the bottom of Pralong chair is Cospillot, a quiet run through the trees that hardly gets any traffic. It winds its way down to 1550 and is perfect when you want to escape the crowds.

Best pistes for advanced – red & black runs

For those looking for more challenging runs, Courchevel does not disappoint.

  • Marmottes – This run always has great snow. A long with a steep, but not too steep of a gradient, this is great run that catches the sun for most of the day. Access it from the top of Suisse, Vizelle or Saulire Express.
  • Chapelets – Over on the far side of 1650, Chapelets is a great red run to challenge yourself.
  • Jean Blanc – Another semi-hidden gem. From the top of Plantrey chair, this black run sits between La Tania and Le Praz and has really steep challenging bits. It also is one of the last pistes to get groomed so after it’s snowed you can often find fresh powder here.

Best off-piste areas

For those who want to venture off-piste we highly recommend you do so only with an instructor or a local guide who knows the area. And be sure you have all the safety equipment required. There is no messing around when it comes to safety off-piste. But that being said you can get some amazing runs in around the resort.

  • Creux Noir – At the top of Creux Noir chair is loads of accessible off-piste area. The chair is closed for this winter due to renovations, but next year, put this one on your list.
  • La Tania & Le Praz Trees – When it’s snowing & the weather is in, take full advantage of the clarity that the trees provide. You can lap this area 10x over and always take a different route.
  • Courchevel Couloirs – Very famous, as they should be, you can ski a variety of the couloirs at the very top of Courchevel. A bit of a hike is required to access them. And we have to admit sometimes the hike is more difficult than the ski. But if the snow’s good, it’s absolutely worth it.

Things to do in La Tania this Christmas 2019

Christmas in the mountains can be really special. If you’re lucky enough to get a white Christmas (fingers crossed!), the mountain scenery and a day of skiing truly tops it off.

And unlike many other places in the world, it’s business as usual in the Alps on Christmas day. The slopes are open and so are all the shops and restaurants. And as it’s a popular time to visit, La Tania and Courchevel put on a few Christmas activities for the kids.

La Tania France Ski Resort

When you arrive in resort, expect Courchevel and La Tania to already be lit up with Christmas lights across all the villages. It will be sure to feel Christmasy from the time you arrive.

Christmas Eve

If you’re looking for something a bit different, head up to Courchevel 1850. They’ll be having a gospel street performance going on between 14:00 – 16:00, followed by a concert at 17:00 and then a torchlight descent and fireworks display – however, you might want to wait to see these both in La Tania on Christmas Day.

If you’re looking for a party in the evening, the Ski Lodge will have their annual Christmas party. Expect live music and a bustling atmosphere. We recommend going lightly on the toffee vodka though!

christmas in la tania

Christmas Day in La Tania

Head out for a ski! The best part about going on a ski trip over the Christmas break is being able to head out for some fresh mountain air and a fun activity with the whole family on Christmas day. Your chalets will also be decorated and if you’re staying in one of our catered chalets, you’ll be sure to have a delicious Christmas meal prepared for you with all the trimmings. And no washing up for you either!

Most importantly,  you can meet Father Christmas in resort! He’ll arrive in a sleigh along with some of his friends. You can see him in La Tania from 10:00 – 13:00 and 15:00 – 18:00. Hot drinks will be on offer, and you can even reserve for Father Christmas to give presents to your child in person. Note you must reserve at the La Tania tourist office in advance, spaces are limited.

After a day of skiing, presents, food, and hopefully meeting Father Christmas – head down into the village at 18:00 for a torchlight descent. Each year a number of the local ski instructors, and sometimes the local school children, do a torchlight descent down Folyeres – the blue piste that runs into resort. You can watch them wind down the mountain carrying flames. And as they arrive, there will be a fireworks show!

We have to say, it’s not your typical Christmas day – but it’s definitely one to remember.

Overall don’t expect over the top Christmas decor and numerous events, as you would back at home. Here in the mountains, the focus is skiing, with a side of holiday cheer. Embrace it and make the most of a unique family holiday in the French Alps.

Where to Eat in La Tania – Restaurant Guide

Want to know where to eat in La Tania? You’ve come to the right place. Although La Tania isn’t large, there are still a number of dining options to choose from. Whether it be to grab a bite for lunch or try some local fayre for an evening out. Here is a guide to all of the restaurants in La Tania.

Ski Lodge

You’ve likely heard of the Ski Lodge. Although it’s famous for live music après and late night parties, it’s also one of the most popular restaurants in town. It’s always a bustling, casual atmosphere which is also kid friendly. The menu has a variety of burger options, pastas as well as meat and fish dishes. Pop in for a plate of chips, or even snag a full English breakfast on weekends.

Type of Food: Burgers, pasta, meat dishes, kids menu

Price Range: Mains from €15

La Taiga

La Taiga is situated across from the bus stop, out of the main pedestrian area of La Tania. Also both a bar and restaurant, the restaurant is situated upstairs above the bar/lounge area. They offer a variety of both French & savoyard favourites, as well as fish and meat dishes. They even have a few vegan options on the menu, which can be hard to come by in France! Along with that, a child’s menu. And after you’ve eaten, you can just head downstairs and continue the evening with a cocktail and some live music.

Type of Food: Savoyard dishes, fish and meats, vegan, kids menu

Price Range: €19-32 for mains

where to eat in la tania

Chrome Bar

A lunch option only (they don’t serve food in the evening), Chrome Bar is famous for its burgers. They’re known to be on the rare side so beware if that’s not your taste! However, they’re really tasty and a great option when you want a quick pit-stop for lunch. Eat inside or on a sunny day enjoy the terrace and watch people as they ski down Folyeres.

Type of Food: Burgers, hot dogs, fish sandwich, chips

Price Range: €12 for a burger, fries & drink

La Ferme

If you’re after traditional Savoyard food, La Ferme is the place to go. They have fondue, raclette, and tartiflette, so you can get your cheesy fill for the week. They also have a variety of local starter dishes such as terrines, escargot and fois gras. And if you aren’t in the mood for cheese, they have a number of meat dishes as well.

Type of Food: Savoyard & local specialities, meat dishes, galettes

Price Range: €17-28 for mains


Snowfood offers simple food and is a great option for lunch, a quick snack or takeaway pizza. Order at the window and sit outside at their tables. Perfect for kid-friendly food (they have chicken nuggets!) or just something casual.

Type of Food: Paninis, pizzas, chips, salad, soup

Price Range: €6-15 for main dishes, €12 for panini menu with snack & drink

Le Farçon

La Tania is also home to its own Michelin star restaurant – Le Farçon. Perfect if you’re looking for a fine dining evening. Expect amuse bouches, creative dishes, and tasty flavours. The interior of the restaurant is also beautiful, and the service is first class.

If you’d like to give it a go, but don’t want to splurge on an evening out, the set lunch menu offers good value for money. €42 for 3 courses + amuse bouches. Plus you get to sit outside on their terrace in the sun.

Type of Food: French gourmet

Price Range: Lunch set menu €42-130, Dinner set menu €68-130

le farcon la tania restaurants

Already booked your ski trip to La Tania and are looking for more info on resort? Here are 10 activities in Courchevel to keep the whole family busy. Or if you’ve yet to book your trip – check out our La Tania chalets. We’ve got catered and self-catered options right in the heart of La Tania.

10 Activities in Courchevel Not To Be Missed

We know you’ve come to Courchevel for the amazing skiing that the Three Valleys has to offer. However, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy beyond skiing. Whether you’re looking for a fun adventure with friends, a kids activity or something for the non-skiers in your group – Courchevel has something to offer.

Here are a few fun activities in Courchevel to add to your bucket list for the week.

1. Aquamotion

This state of the art pool and spa centre is a great activity for both kids and adults, and perfect if you want to take a day off skiing to rest your legs. The swimming area has a kids play pool, two large pools, diving boards and a slide.

The separate spa area can be an additional add-on to your pass, where you can indulge in a bit of relaxation. They have an indoor-outdoor pool and jacuzzi, salt pool, hammams, saunas and also offer massage & beauty treatments. In addition to all of this the centre has a climbing wall and a mini wave pool to test your surf skills.

Find out more about what Aquamotion is really like.

aquamotion courchevel

2. Helicopter Ride Over Courchevel Valley

Check out the views of the Alps from above. Take an opportunity to make use of Courchevel’s Altiport – which was named the 7th most dangerous airports in the world due to it’s short runway(don’t let that put you off)!  You can get taken up in helicopter and get views of Mont Blanc and the Alps from above.

3. Sledging

Sledging is one of our favourite activities in Courchevel after the pistes close – for both families and friends.

There has long been a fast and fun sledge run between Courchevel 1850 and 1550. Head up the Grangettes gondola in 1550 (which is free after the pistes close), and from the base of 1850 you head down a windy track through the woods back down to 1550. It’s free to use, you just need to rent a sledge for approximately €5.

However just a couple years ago, Courchevel 1650 added in their own sledge run which is some fierce competition for the old one – it’s longer and faster! The sledging winds from the top of Ariondaz gondola, through tunnels and around bends as it heads down to the base of resort. Helmets must be worn because you can get some speed on this one! It’s approximately €10 per person, which includes your sledge.

New Tobaggan Run in Moriond (1650)

4. Indiens Teepee in 1650

Perfect for tiny tots is the Indiens park in Courchevel 1650. This is located just above the Ariondaz gondola (moved from it’s previous location), and is a fun activity to break up a day’s skiing. Also a chance for little ones to rest their legs for a bit. Head into the teepee and try on a traditional headdress, get your face painted, sing some songs and play the drums. The big kids can get a vin chaud inside to keep them warm whilst the kids play.

5. Family Fun Park

Right in the centre of Courchevel 1850 is the Family Fun Park. Younger kids can have a race on the skier cross, play in the igloo or give the tubing jump a go (landing safely on an airbag). Bigger kids can try out the green and blue graded boxes and jumps scattered throughout the park. You might end up looping this over and over for those who enjoy the features that add a little more interest to a day’s skiing.

6. Verdons By Night

Ever wanted to ski in the dark? Okay, not total darkness… On Wednesday evenings Courchevel opens Verdons gondola and the aforementioned Family Fun Park for night skiing. The park is totally lit up and they usually have music on, providing a nice atmosphere. It’s a fun and different experience and definitely one worth doing. It’s also a great time to ski without any queues or hardly any other skiers around. You don’t need to be an advanced skier to take advantage of this as the green run is the main piste open.

activities in courchevel

7. Skidoo

Take the opportunity to try out Courchevel’s snowmobiles. Available any day of the evening you can rent the snowmobiles and go for an adventure with a guide. You can also take passengers from age 8. Definitely one for the thrill-seekers.

8. Stay in a Refuge

For the more adventurous, there is the option to stay in a mountain refuge. Although this take a bit of organising, it’s an experience to be remembered. Scattered around the off-piste areas of resort, you’ll find tiny mountain refuges where you can spend an evening. Some are manned where dinner will be cooked for you, however many are unmanned and it’s up to you to show up with food. They’re fully equipped with cooking equipment and logs to stoke the fire. Although it will be a trek to get in and get out, if you’re after a bit of serenity tucked away in the mountains – this is where you should head.

activities in courchevel

9. Ice Skating, Bowling & Rock Climbing

Located inside Le Forum in Courchevel 1850 you will find a handful of shops and restaurants, as well as some activities for non-skiers in your group. There is a large ice skating rink where you can take figure skating lessons, and where they often have events on. On the base floor there is a climbing wall – although it’s not always open so be sure to check that beforehand. And there is a trendy bowling alley which has a bar inside and often has music on at night.

10. See What’s On

Head to the tourist office when you’re in resort and see what’s happening that week. Every single week throughout winter the resort has a variety of special events going on. These can be anything from figure skating shows, ice hockey matches, fireworks displays, torchlight descents, and much, much more.

Amongst all this, you of course have a plethora of ski terrain to keep you busy each day, and loads of restaurants and bars to check out each evening. You won’t be hard-pressed for activities in Courchevel to keep you busy.

La Tania: Perfect for a Family Friendly Ski Holiday

Taking the kids skiing and want to make sure you find the best resort for them? It can be overwhelming with so many choices, but we’re here to make it easy for you. Here’s why La Tania is one of the best ski resorts for a family friendly ski holiday.

Beginner’s skiing

The skiing is about to get much better for beginners in La Tania. Luckily the resort has taken notice that it needed to improve its beginner areas for the numerous families to come to resort, and that’s exactly what they’re doing this summer.

They’re currently in works to create a new green piste.  Running parallel to the Folyeres blue piste, this will use some of the exisiting paths in the forest.  This will have a more gentle gradient than the Plan Fontaine and will not cross any other slopes as the current one does, so a much better option for beginners.

They’re also adding in a second magic carpet at the base of resort (along with the existing one at the top of the gondola). This will help with any queues so that beginners can get more out of their ski time.

beginners skiing la tania

Kid-friendly activities

La Tania really caters for families, and as such, the tourist office has weekly events on for children. If you’re here over the festive season you can expect to see Santa, a torchlight descent down and a fireworks display.

And if they need a day off of skiing, take them to the state-of-the-art indoor swimming centre Aquamotion. Slides, diving boards, a kid’s fun area, and surfing simulator for bigger kids to try as well!

Family-friendly restaurants

Most of the restaurants in La Tania are child-friendly and offer casual environments. They have early dinner seatings at 18:30 so you can get back home early enough for a decent bed time. They also have children’s menus with favourites like spag bol – and you can’t go wrong with a pizza either!

Find out more about the restaurants in town in our La Tania Resort Guide.

child-friendly restaurants la tania

Small, car-free resort

The centre of the village is actually car-free, which gives you a bit of room to relax and not worry about cars whizzing by. It’s also a small village, so getting around is no issue at all.

And there’s plenty of space to play outside. After the lifts have closed, the piste in the centre of the resort turns into a massive sledge run. They also have a small playground just across from the Ski Lodge in town.

Great choice of ski schools

There are a number of ski schools in La Tania that offer quality children’s group ski lessons. It’s a great opportunity for them to learn and enjoy skiing with children of their own age and ability. Lessons are not the old shouting and drills like they used to be – there are many British instructors who teach through activities and fun, so they won’t even notice they’re learning!

We recommend a few different ski schools in La Tania. Get in touch with us to chat about your specific requirements and we can help get you booked in.

kids ski school la tania

Childcare for wee ones

If you have a wee one who is too little to ski yet, there is a creche in La Tania. They offer great childcare at a reasonable cost. And as it’s just near the gondola, it’s easy to drop off before a day’s skiing.

There are also a variety of private nanny services available who will come to your chalet. You can also book them for evening babysitting if you need an adults’ night out!

Few Language Barriers

Although you are in the heart of the French Alps, you won’t struggle to get around with only a ‘bonjour’ or two. In La Tania especially, they cater extremely well to English-speaking clientele. So you can leave your French grammar skills – or lack thereof – back in secondary school!

la tania snowy view

Convinced yet? Book in your next family friendly ski holiday with us in one of our catered or self-catered chalets.

Everything You Need to Know About La Tania, France

Thinking about heading to La Tania, France for your next ski holiday? Here’s everything you need to know – from the best pistes to the scrummiest restaurants and everything in between.

La Tania, France is a family-friendly ski resort situated in the Rhone-Alps. It’s a purpose-built village that was created for the 1992 Olympics and has since turned into a popular ski spot. Its situation right between Courchevel and Meribel, along with its affordable price point, make it a popular choice amongst many Britons.

Skiing in La Tania

Let’s start with the most important aspect: the skiing. La Tania has a handful of pistes in its own resort, however with such easy access to Courchevel and Meribel, you’re not at a loss for options.

Beginners have the choice of two magic carpets – one in the centre of the village and one at the top of the gondola. Once you graduate from those, give the long, windy green run Plan Fontaine a go.

For intermediates, Folyeres is the main blue piste that comes back into town. This is a more difficult blue run but is a favourite for its long length and different rolling aspects throughout.

And for advanced skiers, there are a number of red runs at the very top of the resort, as well as Moretta Blanche that comes under the gondola back into resort. If you’re after black runs both Dou des Lanches and Jean Blanc are fun and challenging pistes. If off-piste or tree runs excite you, there are plenty to be had in La Tania including a large off-piste area under Dou des Lanches. Be sure you always have the proper equipment when going off-piste and go with a guide or a local who knows the area.

Skiing in La Tania France

La Tania accommodation

There is a mix of catered ski chalets and self-catered chalets or apartments, along with one hotel in town. However, because of the size of the resort, you are never too far from the pistes.

We have both catered and self-catered chalets to choose from depending on your preference. Our catered chalets offer all the creature comforts of home, as well as hot breakfast, afternoon tea, and dinner service on most days.

Our self-catered chalet is just as cosy but provides you with more flexibility in your meals throughout the week. Perfect for trying out a number of restaurants around resort.

Where to eat in La Tania

Speaking of restaurants… Although La Tania is relatively small, there are still plenty of choices for dinner.

La Ferme and Les Marmottons are two Savoyard restaurants in town if you’re after some local dishes. Fondue, tartiflette, hot rock, as well as delicious pizzas, are on the menu.

Want something upscale? La Tania has it’s own Michelin star restaurant Le Farçon which serves beautiful and delicious food. Pop in for lunch for a more affordable option.

Up on the hill is Le Bouc Blanc restaurant, which is perfect for an afternoon lunch in the sun on their huge terrace. They offer omelettes, meat dishes, salads and always have a menu du jour. Definitely worth going to, especially as it’s of the most affordable mountain restaurants in Courchevel.

Pub Le Ski Lodge and La Taiga are sister restaurants that are always bustling. The Ski Lodge is more casual pub food – burgers, pastas, and pizzas. Whereas La Taiga has a few more traditional mountain dishes.

We recommend booking in advance for any dinners as they do fill up quickly.

Le Bouc Blanc La Tania France

And where to grab a drink

As well as a bustling restaurant for lunch and dinner, the Ski Lodge is the heart of La Tania après ski and nightlife. They often have live bands for both après and late night. This place fills up with seasonnaires and holidaymakers alike.

Situated across from the bus stop, La Taiga is a good option for a quiet evening drink (when they don’t have a band on!). Or stroll into the Chrome Bar situated in the centre of town, where you’ll find some good bottled beers and perhaps a few ESF instructors hanging out.

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Hiking in the French Alps – Best Day Hikes in La Tania

Think the French Alps are just for winter holidays? Think again. The mountains are just as stunning in the summer as they are in winter. Lush greenery, beautiful lakes at the base of mountains and tons of activities to keep you busy.

One of our favourite ways to enjoy the Alps in summer is hiking. If you’re thinking of heading to the French Alps this summer, you’ll definitely want to spend some time exploring the trails.

Why go hiking in the French Alps?

A place that feels very familiar when it’s covered in snow can look totally different once it’s melted. Getting out into the fresh air and enjoying the stunning scenery of the Alps in the summer is best done on a hike. Plus you might find some wild strawberries or raspberries, spot a marmot or other wildlife, or stumble across some unique plants.

And what’s great about hiking in the French Alps is you can find the perfect trail suited to your ability. So if you’re after a leisurely stroll around the lake or a heart-pumping uphill challenge, there’s something for everyone.

hiking French Alps Courchevel

Best Day Hikes in La Tania

Here are our favourite hikes in and around La Tania.

Le Bouc Blanc

  • 1 – 1.5hrs to the top
  • Moderate

Hike straight up from La Tania to the top of the gondola. This starts on a trail behind the Ski Lodge and winds through the forest alongside the Folyeres piste. If you head up the right time of summer you’ll find wild raspberries growing along the path.

The end is a bit steep, but you pop out at the top of the piste and can head to Le Bouc Blanc for a beverage or some food (yep, they’re open in the summer too). The best part about this one? You can take the gondola down afterwards!

Teppes Trail

  • 1hr
  • Easy

This hike starts in the same spot that the Bouc Blanc hike did, but instead of heading left, you’ll head right and wrap around towards Méribel. This is a nice shaded walk through the forest. You’ll find a nice picnic spot with a view, and you’ll get to Méribel by a new means of transportation.

hiking french alps le bouc blanc summer la tania

Lac de Tueda

  • 30min around the lake
  • Easy

This stunning lake in Méribel Mottaret is not one to be missed. A stroll around Lac de Tueda is more of a walk than a hike, on flat, easy terrain and loops around the lake. And just a 10min walk from the parking, it’s easy to access.

You can continue up past the lake and take the trail further onto steeper terrain. You’ll hike past gorges and you can go deep into the valley. This is where you might even spot some marmots.

Dent du Villard

  • 2.5 – 3hrs to the top
  • Moderately Strenuous

This hike starts from Lac La Rosière in Courchevel 1650. This is definitely a more challenging hike and is quite steep during parts, however, once you get to the top it’s absolutely worth it. You’ll have 360 views of the entire area, and there’s also stunning landscape at the top. Tons of beautiful flowers and greenery, along with unique rock and holes in the mountain. You might even find a small pile of snow still hanging on for dear life!

We recommend going on a cooler day because there is little coverage on the hike up – you’ll be in the sun. There are two different routes up, so you can take a different way down than you came up. Bring a baguette sandwich to eat at the top, or have a barbecue down by the lake afterwards.

Hiking French Alps river flowers mountain views

Spend an evening in a Refuge

Want to head out on a bigger hiking adventure? One of the coolest perks of hiking in the French Alps are the mountain refuges. Courchevel has a few different refuges tucked throughout the mountain. Some are manned where they provide board for you, and others are un-manned and you’ll need to bring all your food and drink in with you. This is definitely an experience to try at least once!

If spending some sunny, warm days in the Alps this summer has piqued your interest, then find out more.  You can rent out our chalets in the summertime from July 6 – Aug 31. And even better? All the lifts are free.

Latest news from the Three Valleys.

We’re into June already and after a cold, wet May, it is starting to feel like summer is finally on it’s way. The lifts shut in La Tania on 22 April, and a what a great season we had for snow and sunny days too which is always much appreciated in the winter months.


As usual there’s lots going on this summer. The resorts are open in July and August and once again the lifts are free to use in the Courchevel Valley, which is a great way of getting around to explore the area whether on foot or by bike.

There’s plenty of sporting events to look forward to – Ski Jumping in August, Cycle races, Trails, Golf Tournaments to name a few.

We’ve already had our first cycle race on the new Col de La Loze track and there’s lots of building projects going on too.  Here’s a brief round up of what’s happend so far since the lifts shut and some exciting news for La Tania.

Col de La Loze Cycle Race

There was a cycle race in May on the the new paved cycle track up to Col de La Loze, Courchevel.   The distance from the bottom of the valley is 22.6km and at 2,300m it is the 11th highest paved Col in France and the third highest pass in the Savoie after the Iseran and Galibeir.  The fastest time was one hour and eight minutes.  Not bad going considering it was a pretty miserable day for weather, and low temperatures higher up.

A path is being made on the Meribel side too, with plans to link all the way to Val Thorens.  Rumour has it that they hope that with this new path for cyclists, it will lure the Tour de France back to the area, so watch this space…


(photo credit Courchevel Officiel)

Alpinium Building and the World Cup 2023

Work has started again on the new Alpinium building in Le Praz.  The old gondola building has already been bulldozed and they are taking out the old plyons this week by helicopter.  The new high speed gondola up to 1850 will take less than six minutes.

The building is part of the resort’s preparations for the 2023 World Alpine Ski Championship, which Courchevel is hosting jointly with Meribel.

The men’s downhill run will start near the top of the Bouc Blanc piste here in La Tania and then cut across on to Jockeys and down to Le Praz. The Women’s and Team events are being held on the Roc de Fer piste in Méribel.

A new grandstand will be built for the world cup event and the new multi-purpose building will house a medical centre, tourist office, sports facilities and underground parking for 500 cars.  Work is expected to be completed by December 2019.

New Green Run in La Tania

A new green piste back to La Tania is planned for hopefully next winter.  The existing piste, Plan Fontaine is not ideal for beginners as it crosses two red runs and is quite steep in places.

The new piste will have a gentler incline and it will not cross any other pistes, which will make it much safer and a more enjoyable experience for beginners.  The piste will follow much of the existing track through the forest to the left hand side of Folyeres.  (see photo below)

In addition, there will be a new beginners’ area, with two new magic carpets and an underpass for pedestrians. Work starts this summer.

Future Developments

The new hotel/apartment complex for La Tania looks like it is going ahead.  This will be built on the existing car park as you come into La Tania.  The planned for chair lift is not going ahead,  but instead they are going to update the existing gondola in La Tania, similar to the improvements made on the Mont Vallon gondola.

So, lots of improvements and exciting developments to look forward to. More news to follow in the coming months, but in the meantime if you would like to book for winter 2019/2020 do get in touch!