alps recipes you can make at home

Recipes: Dishes From the Alps to Make at Home

Whilst we are all spending more time at home, undoubtedly there is more cooking happening as well. If you’re looking for something to mix up your usual cooking routine, or are missing the delicacies of the Alps, here are some mountain recipes you can make at home.

You can have local specialities such as fondue, tartiflette and raclette at home with just a little bit of ingenuity. All of these consist of simple mountain fayre ingredients – cheese, meat and potatoes – but are transformed into delicious meals. Along with that, we’ve outlined a few local beverages and a dessert to round off your Savoie meal.

Savoie Aperitif (Apero)

A classic French meal always starts with an aperitif – a pre-dinner drink. Each region in France has its aperitifs that are local to the area. In Savoie, the classic local apero is a ‘kir Savoyard’. Made with cassis liqueur and a Savoie white wine, this is a sweet and fresh drink to kick off the evening with.


Tartiflette is a favourite amongst many who come to the Alps regularly. It’s a very filling dish, which consists of sliced potato cooked with bacon, onion cream and Reblochon cheese. The entire dish is baked in the oven and comes out with a nice crispy layer of cheese on the top. The Reblochon cheese is really what gives this dish its unique flavour.

Of the three classic cheesy meals, tartiflette is the easiest to replicate at home because it doesn’t require any special equipment. You can find our tartiflette recipe here.


Raclette is a local hard cheese, which is melted at the table under a grill, and then scraped onto your plate. It’s eaten with boiled potatoes, charcuterie and small pickled gherkins. A salad also pairs nicely with this. In a restaurant, you’ll usually see half a wheel of raclette stuck under a heat lamp, which then melts and allows you to scrape it off during the course of the meal – right onto your plate!

You can purchase these raclette machines, along with an alternative style where you put slices of cheese on small paddles and inside a grill on the table to cook. If you’re really into raclette, investing in a set-up might be an option for you. However, we understand that might not be realistic or ideal for many people – which is where you need to get creative. Here are some alternative options for making raclette at home either in the oven, microwave or on an open fire.


Fondue is a little harder to replicate without a proper fondue pot. This gooey cheese dish is a favourite among many. It’s melted cheese mixed with local wine, into which you dip pieces of bread. It’s kept in a specific fondue pot which sits over a flame (or there are electric versions as well) to keep the cheese gooey for the entire meal.

You can make fondue in a regular saucepan on the stove and just place it on the table to dip straight from. However, you’ll definitely have to eat quickly before the cheese goes hard. Or if you want, get yourself a fondue machine. Here is a classic Savoyard fondue recipe.

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Tarte Aux Myrtille

If you have room for dessert after all that cheese, round off your meal with the classic ‘tarte aux myrtilles’ – a tart made from local bilberries. Here’s a recipe to give it a whirl.


No mountain meal is complete without genepi to finish it off. Genepi is a local liqueur made from the genepi plant that only grows above a certain altitude in this region. It is considered a digestif to have after a heavy meal, to help break down all that cheese in your belly! It has a strong menthol flavour and is light yellow/green in colour. You will either love it or hate it – there is no in-between with genepi.

You can order it in the UK if you want a taste of this local digestif at home.

Hungry yet? We hope you give some of these alps recipes you can make at home a go!

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