Top 5 Tips for Family Ski Holidays in France

When you’re going on a family ski holiday, you want to make the most of your time together. There can be a lot to think about, and a lot of different people in the group to please. However, France is a great option for a family ski trip. There are ski resorts in France that offer great value for money, whilst giving you access to some of the most stunning mountains in the world. Here are our top five tips for making the most of family ski holidays in France.

1. Choose a ski resort with a variety of pistes

It’s likely that you’ll have different levels of skiers in your family. Check out the piste map of your resort before you go and see what types of runs are in resort. Ideally, you want to have a good mixture of all levels. This gives little kids and beginners an opportunity to start on appropriately challenging terrain and gives the more advanced skiers adventure so that they aren’t bored.

And even if everyone is a beginner, you’ll want to be able to progress onto more challenging slopes as the week goes on.

family ski holiday kid child sledge sledging

2. Partake in some non-skiing activities

Another great way to make sure everyone in the family has fun, is to mix up the activities. Grab a bum board and go sledging around the village after a day on the slopes, or check out some of the larger sledge runs for bigger kids. Go see some live music and have a bit of an après session. Take a day or afternoon off skiing to go swimming at Aquamotion. Or treat yourself to a massage!

There are plenty of activities in Courchevel to keep everyone occupied.

3. Organise things in advance

There is something to be said for the over-organiser when it comes to family ski holidays. We’re big fans of booking as much as you can in advance so that you can start relaxing as soon as you get to resort. Things to book in advance:

  • Childcare – If you have a small child who won’t be skiing, book them into the local creche or secure a nanny to come to your chalet.
  • Ski Hire – Usually you can get great deals on ski hire when you book in advance, then all you have to do is pick it up once you arrive.
  • Ski Passes – Again, you can often get discounts when booking through your accommodation provider, and they can have it waiting in your chalet for you upon arrival. One less thing you need to organise yourself.
  • Ski School – For your children who are skiing, it’s highly recommended to book them into lessons beforehand, especially during school holidays. Groups book up early, and it’s a great chance for them to ski with other children and gives you some time on the slopes without them.
  • Restaurants – If you’re going for a catered ski chalet, book your chalet hosts’ night off dinner well in advance. Restaurants fill up quickly, especially in La Tania!

fondue france

4. Indulge in the local fayre

When in France, right? Because you are going to a country with some of the best food in the world, take the chance to indulge. The French Alps is well-known for gooey, cheesy deliciousness. It’s a great opportunity to share different food and culture with your children as well. Three cheese dishes we highly recommend:

  • Tartiflette – A baked dish made up of potato, onion, lardon, and the star of the dishL: Reblochon cheese
  • Raclette – Originally this was a way for famers to use up cheese that was starting to go hard, however now it’s a favourite in the Alps. A Huge chunk of raclette cheese is put under a heat lamp on the table & as it melts you scrape it off onto your plate of potatoes, salad & meats.
  • Fondue – You likely have heard of fondue – a melted pot of cheesy goodness that you dip pieces of bread into. There are a variety of different types of fondue you can order. We’ve found some with morel mushrooms in them before. Yum!

5. Stay somewhere lovely

Choose a great accommodation so that everyone can relax – yourself included – in a lovely environment. We have three beautiful chalets in La Tania, France which are all perfect for a family ski holiday. Check out Chalet Juliette, Chalet Dahu or Jamais Bleu. All are perfect for relaxing family ski holidays in France, partially due to the hot tubs you can dip in after a day’s skiing (amongst many other amenities).

Child Friendly Ski Holidays

10 Activities in Courchevel Not To Be Missed

We know you’ve come to Courchevel for the amazing skiing that the Three Valleys has to offer. However, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy beyond skiing. Whether you’re looking for a fun adventure with friends, a kids activity or something for the non-skiers in your group – Courchevel has something to offer.

Here are a few fun activities in Courchevel to add to your bucket list for the week.

1. Aquamotion

This state of the art pool and spa centre is a great activity for both kids and adults, and perfect if you want to take a day off skiing to rest your legs. The swimming area has a kids play pool, two large pools, diving boards and a slide.

The separate spa area can be an additional add-on to your pass, where you can indulge in a bit of relaxation. They have an indoor-outdoor pool and jacuzzi, salt pool, hammams, saunas and also offer massage & beauty treatments. In addition to all of this the centre has a climbing wall and a mini wave pool to test your surf skills.

Find out more about what Aquamotion is really like.

aquamotion courchevel

2. Helicopter Ride Over Courchevel Valley

Check out the views of the Alps from above. Take an opportunity to make use of Courchevel’s Altiport – which was named the 7th most dangerous airports in the world due to it’s short runway(don’t let that put you off)!  You can get taken up in helicopter and get views of Mont Blanc and the Alps from above.

3. Sledging

Sledging is one of our favourite activities in Courchevel after the pistes close – for both families and friends.

There has long been a fast and fun sledge run between Courchevel 1850 and 1550. Head up the Grangettes gondola in 1550 (which is free after the pistes close), and from the base of 1850 you head down a windy track through the woods back down to 1550. It’s free to use, you just need to rent a sledge for approximately €5.

However just a couple years ago, Courchevel 1650 added in their own sledge run which is some fierce competition for the old one – it’s longer and faster! The sledging winds from the top of Ariondaz gondola, through tunnels and around bends as it heads down to the base of resort. Helmets must be worn because you can get some speed on this one! It’s approximately €10 per person, which includes your sledge.

New Tobaggan Run in Moriond (1650)

4. Indiens Teepee in 1650

Perfect for tiny tots is the Indiens park in Courchevel 1650. This is located just above the Ariondaz gondola (moved from it’s previous location), and is a fun activity to break up a day’s skiing. Also a chance for little ones to rest their legs for a bit. Head into the teepee and try on a traditional headdress, get your face painted, sing some songs and play the drums. The big kids can get a vin chaud inside to keep them warm whilst the kids play.

5. Family Fun Park

Right in the centre of Courchevel 1850 is the Family Fun Park. Younger kids can have a race on the skier cross, play in the igloo or give the tubing jump a go (landing safely on an airbag). Bigger kids can try out the green and blue graded boxes and jumps scattered throughout the park. You might end up looping this over and over for those who enjoy the features that add a little more interest to a day’s skiing.

6. Verdons By Night

Ever wanted to ski in the dark? Okay, not total darkness… On Wednesday evenings Courchevel opens Verdons gondola and the aforementioned Family Fun Park for night skiing. The park is totally lit up and they usually have music on, providing a nice atmosphere. It’s a fun and different experience and definitely one worth doing. It’s also a great time to ski without any queues or hardly any other skiers around. You don’t need to be an advanced skier to take advantage of this as the green run is the main piste open.

activities in courchevel

7. Skidoo

Take the opportunity to try out Courchevel’s snowmobiles. Available any day of the evening you can rent the snowmobiles and go for an adventure with a guide. You can also take passengers from age 8. Definitely one for the thrill-seekers.

8. Stay in a Refuge

For the more adventurous, there is the option to stay in a mountain refuge. Although this take a bit of organising, it’s an experience to be remembered. Scattered around the off-piste areas of resort, you’ll find tiny mountain refuges where you can spend an evening. Some are manned where dinner will be cooked for you, however many are unmanned and it’s up to you to show up with food. They’re fully equipped with cooking equipment and logs to stoke the fire. Although it will be a trek to get in and get out, if you’re after a bit of serenity tucked away in the mountains – this is where you should head.

activities in courchevel

9. Ice Skating, Bowling & Rock Climbing

Located inside Le Forum in Courchevel 1850 you will find a handful of shops and restaurants, as well as some activities for non-skiers in your group. There is a large ice skating rink where you can take figure skating lessons, and where they often have events on. On the base floor there is a climbing wall – although it’s not always open so be sure to check that beforehand. And there is a trendy bowling alley which has a bar inside and often has music on at night.

10. See What’s On

Head to the tourist office when you’re in resort and see what’s happening that week. Every single week throughout winter the resort has a variety of special events going on. These can be anything from figure skating shows, ice hockey matches, fireworks displays, torchlight descents, and much, much more.

Amongst all this, you of course have a plethora of ski terrain to keep you busy each day, and loads of restaurants and bars to check out each evening. You won’t be hard-pressed for activities in Courchevel to keep you busy.

Large Group Ski Chalets in La Tania

If you’re looking for a ski chalet for a large group in La Tania, you’ve come to the right place. Or perhaps you have your group organised, but aren’t exactly sure what is the best accommodation for you. Here are some things to consider to help you decide what type of chalet is right for you.

One of the best things about coming away with a large group, is that you get the entire chalet to yourself, which can leave you feeling more free to do as you please. And once you’ve sorted out the perfect ski chalet for you, all the rest of your holiday planning will fall into place.

Catered or self-catered

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Make this decision early on based on your group’s needs, and it will help steer your decision making.

If you want all your meals taken care of, and don’t want to have to worry about sharing food costs or the responsibility of cooking – catered chalets are the way to go. This generally keeps things a bit more simple and gives you more free time.

If you want more independence, and the ability for your group to split evening plans (maybe half go out for dinner and the others stay in), and the chance to try more restaurants – self-catered is probably best for you.

You can find a variety of both catered or self-catered chalets in La Tania, we have a mixture of the two types here at Ski Dazzle.

large group ski chalet

Great dining area & lounge

Sometimes ski accommodation can sleep a certain number of people, but it’s not fully accommodating to a party of that size.

You want to ensure that the chalet you choose has a dining table big enough for your whole group to sit around comfortably. Not only is this just a practical thing but leads to nice socialising over breakfast and dinners.

Also make sure the lounge is big enough to sit the majority if not all of the party at once. Maybe you want a big screen so the kids can watch movies at night. Or maybe you want a log burner that you can sit in front of with your glass of  wine. Whatever you want to do on your holiday, make sure the lounge has that.

Specific party needs

Do you want a hot tub? Is proximity to the piste important? Do you want ensuite bedrooms?  Make sure you know what is important to everyone in your party.  Although at times it can feel impossible to meet everyone’s needs, once you have an understanding of the most important things, it will make the decision process easier.

large group ski chalet

We can help

We have two large catered ski chalets in La Tania, Courchevel that sleep 14 people.

Chalet Juliette is recently renovated in a modern style. It has a spacious lounge with lots of comfy sofas for everyone in your party to relax and is located just a few metres away from the slopes.

Chalet Jamais Bleu offers traditional Savoyard charm and style with the luxury of modern amenities. The huge windows in the lounge offer stunning views.

Both of these chalets have our full catered package with which includes indulgent things like a free massage, champagne arrival and canapés.

However, we also have a self-catered chalet, Chalet Dahu, which sleeps 12. This ski-in ski-out chalet has a lovely open-plan living and dining room, with hot tub. We also offer catering options to include dinner, bread and a drinks delivery service.

Any of these chalets sound like they’d be perfect for your group? Book now, or get in touch if you have any questions. We’re always here to help.

What To Expect on a Catered Ski Chalet Holiday

Ever wondered what the whole catered ski chalet concept is all about? Maybe your friends go away each year and you want to know what the fuss is all about. Or maybe it’s on your radar for next winter and you need some more info. Catered ski chalet holidays take a lot of the hassle out of a ski trip. With your meals prepared for you, you’ll have more time to relax and spend your time doing what you came out for – to ski and spend time with family and friends.

What is a catered ski chalet holiday?

A catered ski chalet is a great option for skiers and boarders who want more time to relax after a long day on the slopes. You stay in a chalet near the slopes, either fully booked out by your party or shared with other holiday-makers, where board is included and served in-chalet by dedicated staff. Normally board includes hot breakfast, afternoon tea, and a four course dinner in the evening – with one or two days off during the week.

Catered Ski Holiday Large Group Ski Holidays

Why choose a catered ski chalet?

Firstly, you’re going to save time. And on a one-week holiday, time is precious! Loads of skiers and boarders choose a catered ski chalet because it gives them more time to spend with family and friends, more time to relax after a day’s skiing, and less to worry about. No need to go to the shop and buy all the basics for one week. No need to try and figure out what that packet says in French…

And aside from the catering experience, staying in a chalet is a must for any trip to the Alps. Unlike a hotel experience, you’ll feel homely and cosy in your own space. You can spread out, put your feet up in the lounge each evening, and be in the privacy of your own party at the chalet you call home for the week.

Self-catered chalets or apartments are also a great option if you’re looking for more flexibility. They also give you the opportunity to spend more evenings trying the local fayre in nearby restaurants.

What’s Included

Firstly – it says what it does on the tin – catering! Normally your board will include breakfast every morning with hot options most days, afternoon tea and homemade cakes waiting for you when you get back from skiing, and full dinner service – all hosted by your chalet host and cook. This is what we offer here at Ski Dazzle. Here’s a bit more detail about our food service.

There is usually one or two nights per week where the staff have the evening off. This is a chance to explore a local restaurant and perhaps get in your fill of fondue or raclette whilst in the Alps.

catered ski chalet dinner

Daily Schedule

8:00 – Breakfast is waiting for you when you wake up! Saunter into the dining area and feast on fresh croissants and bread, yummy jams and spreads, cereal, and 5 out of 7 days – a hot option (a full English is definitely on the menu once a week!)

9:00 – Head out on the mountain and enjoy your day on the slopes.

Lunchtime – Try out some of the great restaurants the area has to offer. Le Bouc Blanc is a great option for affordable yet delicious mountain food – based right here in La Tania. Or opt to have a packed lunch prepared by our team. You’ll find various picnic areas around the mountain, the perfect pit stop on a sunny day, and stunning views are included!

Late Afternoon – Head back to the chalet and dive into the homemade cake or biscuits waiting for you.

7:00 – Enjoy canapés and an aperitif in front of the fire before dinner service.

7:30 – Dinner is served. Four delicious courses to fill you up after a hard day’s ski. A variety of international dishes are on the menu along with a paired wine each evening.

After Dinner – Cap off the evening with a Nespresso coffee and petit fours in the lounge.

What about the kids?

Bringing little ones with you? More often than not, younger ones will have the option to have an earlier tea. This will be something homemade and tasty but catered to children’s tastes. Classics like spaghetti bolognaise and homemade pizzas usually make the menu.

catered ski chalet for kids

Sound like the kind of ski trip you want to have? We can help! Check out our beautiful catered chalets in La Tania and book you catered ski chalet holiday now. You can find availability here.