Courchevel in the summer

Hiking in the French Alps – Best Day Hikes in La Tania

Think the French Alps are just for winter holidays? Think again. The mountains are just as stunning in the summer as they are in winter. Lush greenery, beautiful lakes at the base of mountains and tons of activities to keep you busy.

One of our favourite ways to enjoy the Alps in summer is hiking. If you’re thinking of heading to the French Alps this summer, you’ll definitely want to spend some time exploring the trails.

Why go hiking in the French Alps?

A place that feels very familiar when it’s covered in snow can look totally different once it’s melted. Getting out into the fresh air and enjoying the stunning scenery of the Alps in the summer is best done on a hike. Plus you might find some wild strawberries or raspberries, spot a marmot or other wildlife, or stumble across some unique plants.

And what’s great about hiking in the French Alps is you can find the perfect trail suited to your ability. So if you’re after a leisurely stroll around the lake or a heart-pumping uphill challenge, there’s something for everyone.

hiking French Alps Courchevel

Best Day Hikes in La Tania

Here are our favourite hikes in and around La Tania.

Le Bouc Blanc

  • 1 – 1.5hrs to the top
  • Moderate

Hike straight up from La Tania to the top of the gondola. This starts on a trail behind the Ski Lodge and winds through the forest alongside the Folyeres piste. If you head up the right time of summer you’ll find wild raspberries growing along the path.

The end is a bit steep, but you pop out at the top of the piste and can head to Le Bouc Blanc for a beverage or some food (yep, they’re open in the summer too). The best part about this one? You can take the gondola down afterwards!

Teppes Trail

  • 1hr
  • Easy

This hike starts in the same spot that the Bouc Blanc hike did, but instead of heading left, you’ll head right and wrap around towards Méribel. This is a nice shaded walk through the forest. You’ll find a nice picnic spot with a view, and you’ll get to Méribel by a new means of transportation.

hiking french alps le bouc blanc summer la tania

Lac de Tueda

  • 30min around the lake
  • Easy

This stunning lake in Méribel Mottaret is not one to be missed. A stroll around Lac de Tueda is more of a walk than a hike, on flat, easy terrain and loops around the lake. And just a 10min walk from the parking, it’s easy to access.

You can continue up past the lake and take the trail further onto steeper terrain. You’ll hike past gorges and you can go deep into the valley. This is where you might even spot some marmots.

Dent du Villard

  • 2.5 – 3hrs to the top
  • Moderately Strenuous

This hike starts from Lac La Rosière in Courchevel 1650. This is definitely a more challenging hike and is quite steep during parts, however, once you get to the top it’s absolutely worth it. You’ll have 360 views of the entire area, and there’s also stunning landscape at the top. Tons of beautiful flowers and greenery, along with unique rock and holes in the mountain. You might even find a small pile of snow still hanging on for dear life!

We recommend going on a cooler day because there is little coverage on the hike up – you’ll be in the sun. There are two different routes up, so you can take a different way down than you came up. Bring a baguette sandwich to eat at the top, or have a barbecue down by the lake afterwards.

Hiking French Alps river flowers mountain views

Spend an evening in a Refuge

Want to head out on a bigger hiking adventure? One of the coolest perks of hiking in the French Alps are the mountain refuges. Courchevel has a few different refuges tucked throughout the mountain. Some are manned where they provide board for you, and others are un-manned and you’ll need to bring all your food and drink in with you. This is definitely an experience to try at least once!

If spending some sunny, warm days in the Alps this summer has piqued your interest, then find out more.  You can rent out our chalets in the summertime from July 6 – Aug 31. And even better? All the lifts are free.