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A Quick Guide to Ski Hire for Beginners

Renting ski equipment is a great option for first-time skiers, children or for those not interested in investing in skis themselves. Not only is it cost effective, it also saves you loads of hassle. You don’t have to lug your skis out to resort, and often you can get the ski hire delivered straight to your chalet. Talk about convenience! If it’s your first time around, here’s a quick guide to ski hire for beginners to help you out before your holiday.

What are the benefits of renting skis?

Savings – For those who’ve never skied before we definitely recommend renting skis. Ski gear is a big investment no matter what level skier you are, however if it’s your first time, you want to make sure it’s a sport you love before you splash out.

Secondly, a cost of owning skis that is often overlooked are the airline baggage fees. These can add up quickly when flying to and from the Alps, and are something you need to factor in if you’re bringing your own skis.

For children, it’s a no brainer. They are growing quickly and might need different sized equipment each year, so you’re best off renting.

Ski Hire Technician – If your bindings aren’t set just right or anything goes wrong with your skis throughout the week, you have the ski technician on hand to help. They’ll fix up your equipment or sort you out with a new pair if need be. A service you wouldn’t have with your own skis!

Get the Latest Equipment – Ski hire shops purchases news skis regularly (most do every year), so you know you always have new equipment with the latest technology.

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Who should I book my ski hire with?

We recommend booking your skis with Ski Higher in La Tania. They can provide two different levels of service: either you go into the shop and pick them up, OR even better, your skis are waiting for you in your chalet and a rep from the store comes and personally fits you. And as they’re our preferred partner, we can offer you 30% off shop service and 20% off in-chalet service.

What type of skis can I rent?

You can rent a large variety of skis, and pick the ones right for your level. Ski Higher offer 4 different types: Initiation, Leisure, Dynamic & Premium.

Initiation skis are the best option of ski hire for beginners and all the way up through Premium for advanced, strong skiers. You can get the right pair for your ability.

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How much does it cost?

For 6 days rental, you can expect the following prices with Ski Higher La Tania:

Adult Skis or Snowboard & Boots – Range from €108-184. The lowest prices are their Initiation range up to Premium.

Children’s Skis & Boots – Ranges from €55-104, depending on their age.

Helmet – €20

Insurance – €12

We recommend taking out insurance on your ski hire because unfortunately, ski theft does happen on the mountain. This way you’re covered!

When should I book it?

If you’re skiing during the school holidays you should book in advance to make sure you can get the right size and type of skis you’re looking for. During less busier weeks in January and March, it isn’t as necessary to book in advance, but is one less thing to do once you arrive in resort.

Need to sort out anything else before your holiday? If it’s a chalet you’re after – we can help. And if you’re looking for more information on La Tania our Courchevel, check out our latest blogs.